Management Support


Monticola Security uses a Centralized Management Style, with all Accounting, Payroll, and Data System controls located in the Corporate Headquarters. All Contract Quality Control is centralized with local responsibility delegated to the Local Branch Office Manager, but overall control and responsibility remains at the corporate level. Local Project Managers are given the responsibility to hire personnel as required to meet the needs of the local contracts. Disciplinary action up to the termination of employees is handled at the local level, but the hiring and firing decision is made at Corporate, to ensure that the company does not have problems with state Labor Departments, and to avoid wrongful termination suits from terminated employees. Original Personnel Files are maintained at Corporate Headquarters and a full and complete copy is maintained at the local branch office.

All Managers are on the corporate e-mail system which provides us with instantaneous communications between corporate and all levels of management. Centralized Control of all Administrative Functions allows us to exercise better control over all Contract Compliance Issues, and to ensure that all of our employees are current in all areas of Background Investigations, Licensing, Weapons Qualifications, Training, Certifications, and Security Clearances. These areas have taken on a new importance since September 11, 2001.


Monticola Security employs a full-time official to handle quality assurance and management support. We have a Quality Control Manager who has outstanding credentials in Operations and Client Relations within the contract security industry. Each client has a distinct set of requirements that must be followed. Our supervisors will, upon their inspections, complete an evaluation for each officer for each facility a minimum of once a quarter. He then reviews these reports on a regular basis.

Also our quality assurance manager periodically visits all of our clients and inquires as to our quality services. This method complete with regular evaluation reports greatly assists us in maintaining the level of service we mutually desire. Each category of the performance standards will be addressed. Obviously, field level management cannot evaluate some categories and items. The appropriate Monticola Security managers will complete each category as their responsibilities indicate.